What are the benefits of promotional products?

The main aim of promotional products is to put your logo and brand in front of your customer and keep your company top of mind. Promotional products are also often given as gifts, and who doesnt like to receive a gift? This will generate a positive association between your brand and your customer. But in short, Promotional products build brand awareness, recognition and appreciation. With promotional products you have the ability to target your ideal customer with products that are relevant to them. Well chosen and quality promotional products have a much longer life span than most others forms of advertising and your client is likely to keep their product for some time.

How do I choose which promotional products to use?

Our team can provide advice to best achieve your overall marketing objectives. The right promotional product depends on a number of factors; you might take into account: - your customers needs and interests - your organisation’s marketing and strategic goals - your budget - your brand positioning (e.g. green, fast, low cost, premium) - the desired reach (e.g. a higher volume of low cost mass items or a lower quantity of high cost, highly targeted products) - how and where you will be using and distributing the products, etc.

What is the turnaround time for orders?

As a guide, if they are not urgent, locally available items are generally produced in approximately 2 – 4 weeks. Custom made (offshore) items are produced in more like 6 - 8 weeks (via air freight) or 10-12 weeks (via sea freight). When we organise your quote we can provide you with a timeframe based on your order.

How does Lift Marketing communicate with me so I know what’s happening with my project?

We always aim to keep you well informed throughout the ordering and production process, and one of our friendly team members will liaise with you regularly through phone and email updates.

How do I place an order?

Several options! You can fill out the Contact Us form on the home page or the Do a Quote form on the Promotional main page - just pop your requirements in the comment box, and your name and contact details and one of our friendly sales team will follow up your enquiry as soon as possible. Alternatively you can email us on or call us on 07 4242 8389.

Where are you based?

We are located in Cairns however we have suppliers all around Australia so no matter where you are we can have your order shipped directly to you.